Real Mom Style: Instagram Roundup + New Jeans

This past week has been rough friends, we were all sick a week & being the mom of little sick children and being sick myself, made for pure exhaustion. I admit, the majority if the week I didn’t even get dresses and when I did they were to share a few new pieces I got for some sponsored content, so those will have to wait. I thought I’d share for real mom style, two looks that were mentioned on instagram, but never made the blog & my new jeans that I really like.

This look was inspired by a gal on Facebook, get your pretty on. I hadn’t worn this vest or boots in ages, so it was nice to have someone give me some inspiration that led to new look for these drab winter months. These grey jeans are newer and I typically like to pair black and pink with grey jeans. You can snag these if you’re looking for a pair, they have the perfect amount of stretch and fit just perfect on your hips.

Outfit details: Tall Boots linked similar | Fur Vest | Pink Sweater | Grey Jeans | I really love this look & would put it on repeat if I didn’t feel odd wearing the same thing more than one (I know, I’m weird.) Super comfortable and this top is a nursing top, so it’s so easy to just feed little lady whenever I need. These are also new jeans & I will buy again once I need a new size (see how I said “I need a new size” that’s because I’m working hard at shedding this baby weight, you can read more about it on my first Fit and fabulous post for 2017) these are super comfy & have the perfect knee holes!

Outfit details: new jeans | brown ankle boots | maroon top | leopard vest |

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to visit Ellen over at That Chic Mom for some of her real mom style.

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