Real Mom Style: J.Jill Mommy & Me

Hey friends! How has your summer been treating you? Ours has been busy, but a fun, let it all go and enjoy my family busy. I really want to get back at my weekly Real Mom Style, so from this week…

My son has been serving daily Mass, so we’ve been up early and I’ve actually been loosing presentable. Always makes me feel great to get up and get dressed first thing. I’ve also got back to my eating better + working out & training for my first 25K.  As I’ve always said, I have to have apparel that’s going to work for me as a mom, a stay at home mom of five busy kids, and that’s what you’ll find me wearing.. Today, it’s all about this gorgeous top from J.Jill and fitting it into my my style.

This is the Embroidered Layered Knit Tank, new to the July J.Jjill collections. It’s a double layer, and incredibly soft. The purple & navy embroidery give it a beautiful feminine detail. I’m wearing a size xs in misses for your sizing reference. To really  bring it into my own style, I’ve added a pair of grey skinny jeans, purple pointed sparkling flats and a layered bracelet.

As far as Real Mom Style goes, look how easy it is to wear and still function as a mom. Little girl is almost 11 months old and starting to learn to walk. I’m able to go just about anywhere and still function as a mom, while looking chic doing it.

As always, you can find daily real mom style shots on my Instagram account. I hope you’ll follow along and come back for more real mom style.

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