Real Mom Style: January Favorites & Pinterest Inspired Outfits

Yay, we’ve survived one of the hardest winter months here in Illinois with just one more to go. I wanted to share my top five outfit of the day looks from Instagram from January.

1. A new boutique dress that I mixed & matched into my wardrobe to create an outfit that worked great for me.

2. Blue & Black. These are two old pieces, the dress I thrifted from a friend and wore it for the first time.

3. Bottom vest outfit, I love how this one turned out for an easy casual everyday look.

4. Middle vest outfit – gingham & buffalo plaid!

5. I haven’t been purchasing a lot lately, but finally found a pair of olive green released hem jeans from Current/Elliot. Very happy with the fit & the simple grey + green is perfect.

As I mentioned, I’ve been back on the Pinterest inspired looks – if I’m going to pin them, then I might as well recreate them & with using more of my “neglected items” and tossing out the pieces that really don’t speak to me. This helps! Take a look at a few of the outfits that were inspired by pinterest – because I don’t like to “use” other people’s photo’s, follow the link for the pin.

It was SO cold this day, but this Buffalo Plaid Top + Black Faux Fur Vest Pin has been on my “want to wear” for far to long. I had to swap the heals, but overall loved how this Sunday look turned out.

This black sweater, striped skirt & boots have been in my “neglected” bin for a long time. Though they were all favorites at one time. After searching my black striped skirt on Pinterest, I ended up coming back to this look I wore a few years back. Still love it!

This was one of my favorites for January, but another outfit that was inspired by Pinterest. I have an entire board of olive colored jeans & colored denim for your inspirational needs!

This look got the thumbs down on my Instagram stories to spin, but this sweater has been wanting to see the light of day. I added a scarf & tall boots because it  was freezing and SNOW! I liked how it turned out for a very low key day… though this day ended up being super STRESSFUL!

Love how this one turned out. I typically do not like when I layer sweaters, but my body must be changing a bit because it didn’t feel or look as lumpy as it usually does when layering. PIN.

This look brought some old staples together and a new pair of jeans. I realized I only have this plaid top left besides my buffalo plaid & it’s about worn out. Time to decide if I wear a different plaid enough to purchase another, or if the ship as sailed for awhile. PIN.

This look was so easy and comfortable for a night in with friends. You can’t see but I have on large baubles by B earrings in leopard that  were perfect for not having to add a necklace! Who doesn’t love a comfy cardigan! Pin. If you’re interested in the earrings and want to purchase use code FlipFlops for 10% off your 10$ order.


Which look is your favorite?

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