Real Mom Style: An Outing & Errands with Five Kids

Welcome to Friday, you’ve survived another week & are probably stopping by today because you read that some crazy mom has five kids and actually ran errands with all of them. Ha! Thanks for being here, regardless of how and why you’re visiting my blog. Ellen and I decided to move Real Mom Style to Friday instead of Monday (though I was on top of it and posted two looks & my new jeans for Monday’s Real Mom Style) and change things up even more by having some different specific posts we will be bringing you each week, so stay tuned. I’m excited for this new avenue we’re taking. 

As for Real Mom Style, lets get real here.. I have five kiddo’s ranging from 11 to 5 months & it’s no easy task taking them all out on my own. I started out the day like above. Outfit planned out and if I dare say, I was looking cute. I knew I had errands to run so I chose some super comfortable fringe boots, my favorite skinny jeans and utility vest, with my Milk & Baby nursing top for easy baby access during it all… then the day progressed…

I had to change the boots because it started freezing rain … not that I don’t love my Sorel boots, but I obviously didn’t plan that well because I had to change my boots. The little lady spit up all over my vest, so I had to lose that to the washing machine. She’s at great stage for pulling your hair, so up it went. When I actually finally ventured out this is how you saw me…. (though this was taken another time because hello FREEZING RAIN.. I’m not going outside.)  Clark Grizzwold coat (similar and on sale) and all!

I had a few different places to go… first up the barber because if I looked at my boys hair as long as it was one more day I was going to freak out. I used to cut their hair, but now they want cool things like hard parts and well, I figured they are getting older and actually care… The barber was good except I forgot I used my last check at weight watchers the night before, they don’t take debit or credit and really, who carries cash these days? UGH! Thank goodness, they’re super sweet and I was able to go to the bank and then come back, but that was yet another stop.

Times like this I’m extra thankful for nursing tops that are discreet, I have no problem nursing in public but of course baby girl needed to eat in the barber shop, all guys and a nursing momma. We got the job done & nobody said anything, I love the SOPHIE nursing top for so many reasons.

After the barber and my boys looking quite handsome I had to pick up the two at the library that I let walk too while the other two got their hair cut. They come out to mention my library card is two months past date and I needed to renew it.. however NO checks, no cash and no credit or debit used. AHH!!!

Deep breath, the rest of the errands would have to wait, except.. lucky my daughter, she got to celebrate her half birthday so we had to go to the store. Donuts, that’s easy! Basically, panic mode because I have a fear of driving in freezing rain, we were pretty much in and out pretty quick… yep all six of us and really, they were pretty darn helpful and well mannered.

There you have an outing with my five kids.. not too bad really & though my outfit went from fab to mostly drab.. haha… I was still dressed clothes for the day and tackled all that was thrown at me like a boss!

Thanks for checking out how I’m conquering motherhood with five kids, one day at a time and still attempting to look stylish while doing it. Ellen of That Chic Mom had a trip to the salon that she’s sharing for Real Mom Style, check it out.

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