Real Mom Style: Pinterest Fashion

Argh, my real mom style pinterest fashion post got deleted last week, which is beyond annoying. However, I really wanted to share with you this cute outfit, that was totally inspired by one of my pins on my cardigan outfits pinterest board, so here we go again.

I can’t share the pin here, for copyright reasons & not wanting to embed the pin into my post, so you can check it out HERE.

I shared before that if you are loving pinterest & like to pin cute, fashionable outfits then you absolutely must start putting those pins to good use and spin those outfits into something you can wear from your closet. I join in several instagram challenges and some are all about pins & spins. So they share a pinterest outfit they want you to spin. Or if challenges aren’t your thing, then just chose a pin and spin it. Though mine is pretty much copying the pin with pieces from my wardrobe, it doesn’t have to be like that. Just gather inspiration and go with what you have, creating some pinterest fashion within your own wardrobe.

Here’s another look at my pinterest fashion spin, you might have caught it over on Instagram.

Details on the pieces for this outfit: Ankle Boots | Jeans | Striped Nursing Top | Cardigan |

Do you think you’ll be creating some pinterest fashion this week from your wardrobe? I’d love to see what you come up with.  Ellen is sharing some pinterest fashion that she spinned for last weeks real mom style, stop by and check it out.

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