Real Mom Style: What it’s Really Like to Get Dressed as a Mom

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!

The kids were thrilled that they got to have a dress down day at school & they have been making sure everyone had on their green. I’m pretty sure I was pinched at least five times before I got dressed this morning. Holidays are always so much more fun when you have kids that truly get excited about it. I thought besides just some mom style, I’d share these cutie pies as well.

Excuse their sleepy eyes, I took this before seven in the morning right after they had eaten breakfast. My five little leprechauns all dressed in green. Speaking of green, apparently I don’t care for it because I had to buy two of them a green shirt just to be able to be festive for the day. Hah! Typically I wouldn’t even go that far, but they are performing at our Parish Fish Fry tonight and they really wanted to be dressed in green. Sometimes I’m a pretty cool mom. šŸ˜‰ On to some mom style for today. . .

Since today is Friday and we’re talking about Real Mom Style, lets check out what I’m choosing to wear today – and of course in green, I don’t want to get pinched.

I didn’t know if I would even be able to follow with today’s “green” theme because in all honesty, I really didn’t think I had any green in my closet – like I said, not my favorite clothing color. However, after venturing to the basement, I found three tops with hints of green that now fit. Yay for weight watchers! However, once I actually started thinking about it… I do have my military vests, jackets and camo tops.

So, are you wondering why the title of this real mom style post? Because, if you’ve had babies close together & don’t go back to pre-pregnancy weight right away — like me — then the getting dressed struggle is real! You have three different sizes, not to mention your three sizes of maternity clothing & one day it fits and the next it doesn’t. That’s me anyway and it can be a real struggle. The struggle is real also, when you’ve left your laundry in the clean clothes basket to long (either folded… or not. Currently looking at a few baskets unfolded) & its all wrinkly (I’m lucky it gets washed)Ā  — you settle for the least wrinkled top (see arm sleeve.)

I ended up settling on the green shirt with the least wrinkles today & again my raw hemmed jeans, because its a tad bit warmer today. What are you wearing for St. Patty’ Day?

Mom Style Outfit details : Green Shirt cabi clothing | ankle boots | raw hemmed jeans

Ellen is sharing what she’s wearing for St. Patrick’s Day so stop by her blog for aĀ  green outfit idea!

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