Real Mom Style: Sorel Boots + Motherhood #RealMomStyle

These past few weeks I’ve been feeling like I’m back in the deep dark trenches of motherhood. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a mom, but when you’re a stay at home mom & have little ones, it can be a lonely time. What’s different for me, this time, is that I also have children that are getting older, we typically don’t slow down a whole lot and it’s not all bad. However, we’ve had sick kids and this week the baby… which for a mom, means little to no-sleep and you’re on high-stress mode (or at least I am) 24/7.. we’ve hardly left the house (other than school drop off and pick up) and the weather has been total crap. It’s just a depressing time & I’m ready for it to be over!!  If you’re a mom in the trenches.. trust me, you will come out a stronger women, conquer each day with a joyful heart and get dressed, do your hair and put a little make-up on. It really does wonder for your soul and that’s why I started real mom style so many years ago with Ellen. So, today.. lets talk about real mom style, as a mom living in the trenches (for this week!)

Ellen and I have such similar taste, sometimes we realize we purchased the same items (or very similar) & a lot of times check in with each other when we found something we love, and the other grabs it. Right off the top of my head I can think of boots, coats & our favorite jeans! Today, we’re sharing our love for the Conquest Sorel Boot, she has them in a dark blackish color and mine are a more brownish olive green. They’re a bit pricey, but I really love the look of them, they’re water proof and warm. 

I didn’t go anywhere other than dropping my kids off at school, picking them up and then doing it again for scholastic bowl pick up.. but these were on my feet when I headed out in the rainy, January weather. When I am out and about, you’re typically find me with a baby carrier and a diaper bag over my stroller… girls, this is my stage of motherhood.

I spent my day cuddling a little babe, and building train tracks for my preschooler. We even had some fun and gave this little lady her first bath in the sink. This girl LOVES her bath! She’s like a little fish. My overall outfit consisted of my Conquest Carly  Sorel Boots + Twiga Black Leggings + Sophie Nursing Top from Milk & Baby + Orvis long olive green coat.

Motherhood is so rewarding, but incredibly challenging at the same time. Keep your head up & enjoy those years, but remember to take care of yourself. Get some exercise in, even if it means leg lifts while holding a baby (get creative, I do!) and take time to put yourself together each day. You’ll feel so much better.

Check out how cute Ellen is over at That Chic Mom. She does home school preschool & is looking great in her Sorel Boots on their outing to the conservatory. How’s motherhood treating you these days?

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