Real Mom Style: Striped Nursing Dress

Calling all nursing mothers! Can we just be totally real here and talk about how it is darn hard to wear dresses while breastfeeding, or at least exclusively breastfeeding like I do. Little lady is starting to eat some solids, but that still means she wants/needs full access and dresses are hard to wear. UNLESS, you find some super cute nursing dresses and this striped nursing dress has become one of my favorites!

It’s available from Mayarya, which carries maternity and nursing apparel, that are super trendy and adorable. This is the A-line striped nursing dress that has zippers on the side to give easy access. Now, for me personally I don’t like to be fully exposed while breastfeeding my babe, so with this particular style of nursing dress, I do like to even have some sort of jacket so I can kind of hide under it, or use a nursing cover.

I love though that with this striped nursing dress, you would never even know it was a nursing dress unless 1. I told you 2. you saw me breastfeeding in it. Great for extended wear after baby is done and you just want to rock an adorable striped dress.

Outfit details: Striped Nursing Dress c/o Mayara || Denim Jacket ELLE line from Kohl’s || Grey Wedge Booties || Black summer leggings ||

I recently wore this dress to Mass and a friend gathering and not only was it comfortable & chic, but I was able to take care of my babe whenever she needed.

If you’re a nursing mother, is this something you’d wear? If you’re NOT a breastfeeding mom, could you tell it was a breastfeeding dress?

Sample provided, all opinions are my own.

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