Real Mom Style: Summer Vacation

Last Friday we officially kicked off summer break with the ending of school. Yay! We’ve already started enjoying all that summer brings & I’m hoping to incorporate all that into Real Mom Style over the summer. A few highlights already. . .

My parents have a pond that the kids love. Fishing & Swimming is on the agenda, so we hope to make it there as often as possible.

Baseball and Softball have already been going strong, but we have more of that fun. This is my daughters first year with softball & my son went up a league so it’s new experiences, meeting new friends, back to back games and late nights.

Creating memories and enjoying motherhood with my goons. I adore this shadow babywearing photo.

Hockey will be coming to an end for the season – both my boys have played so hard. Is there anything better than a sibling bond? My big kids adore their baby sister. We will be doing a lot of swimming this summer, as we got the summer swim pass & the kids have been begging to go daily! Running – I need to figure out if I’m going to really train for anything in the fall. The plan was a half, but last week I ran 9 trail runs, so I’m feeling like I’m already advanced past “training” for a half. I’m excited to be there as my sister and friends train for some big races. Saturday’s continue to be our girls running day and I’m loving being back.

Continuing to find time to blog has already been a little bit of a struggle, but I love putting outfits together & putting together outfits for you all. Stripes continue to be some of my favorites for this season, and if you’re looking for a cute tank top that isn’t tight then this Jade Striped Top is the way to go from Pink Blush. Since it has a flowy fit, I love giving it a front or side tuck to pull it all together! Currently on sale, so a great find if you’re looking for stripes for summer.

Lastly, summer vacation means making lot of memories & I look forward to sharing them with you. I hope your summer vacation is kicking off nicely & you’re planning to make lots of memories as well. Whether you’re going on a big family vacation, doing a stay cation, or going on little day trips. The days are fleeting, so enjoy them, even among the chaos of life.

Sample provided, all opinions are my own.


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