Roasted Chicken with Patatas Bravas

A couple of weeks ago I shared with you our first experience with Home Chef Meal Delivery & the first meal we prepared from the two meals we received; Steak au Poivre with cauliflower gratin & green beans. Goodness was it delicious, fresh & easy to prepare. It was so delicious to be exact that I copied the cauliflower recipe & have the ingredients on my list for the steak for my next shopping trip. Our second meal, was great as well; roasted chicken with patatas bravas. Fresh ingredients, easy to prepare & tasted great.

Roasted Chicken with Patatas Bravas

You can read the break down of how Home Chef works from my previous post, but in a nut shell. They send you all the ingredients you need to create a fabulous meal, with step by step instructions that are incredibly easy to follow & it’s all delivered right to your door step. This meal said to prepare within 5 days, so if something comes up you still have time to make that delicious meal that was sent to you. Lets take a look at the Roasted Chicken with Patatas Bravas.

I can’t say enough about the ease of the instructions with what’s sent to you. From visuals to detailed, step by step instructions, I really feel as though anyone, with even the most basic cooking instructions could put together one of these sophisticated meals to serve. I almost felt like I was ready to take on the champions on the food network channels with how delicious the Roasted Chicken with Patatas Bravas and smoky tomoto sauce & green beans turned out.  My husband and I made this Roasted Chicken with Patatas Bravas together & he even said it was easy and made cooking enjoyable. We had everything set out, along with the minimal items we needed from home, and started to prep — from making a delicious sauce, cooking the chicken and seasoning to perfection & even learning to cook the vegetable (green beans) with the chicken for a great flavor. What’s a bonus from ordering meal delivery is the fact that you can keep the recipe & recreate by purchasing the necessary ingredients, which I really love. Find a meal you can’t live without tasting again, you have the list of ingredients, nutrition facts & how to create over and over again.

If you’re looking for a meal delivery service to use regularly, or to try for the first time I’d recommend you check out Home Chef. I was happy with everything, from the planning of what you’d receive, the price, freshness, delivery & ease of following what their chefs put together just for you. Home Chef is based out of Chicago, so perfect for anyone in our area & if you use coupon code FLIPFLOPS you can receive $30 off your first delivery.

Does the Roasted Chicken with Patatas Bravas or Steak au Poivre with cauliflower gratin & green beans look like something you’d enjoy?

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