Sending your Child Back to School with a Mobile Device

US Cellular DisclosureSending your child back to school with a mobile device, I hate even thinking about it to be honest. Have you crossed that bridge in your home yet? If you haven’t or are going to, check out the Parent Child agreement to help with the negotiating on usage with your child. It’s easy to download and can be really helpful.Mobile Device

Just this week my husband and I were discussing the need for our oldest to head back to school with a mobile device, definitely not something we thought our eleven year old would be needing. However, with sports activities increasing and the need to depend on others for various driving arrangements, him being dropped off for different activities and carpooling it might just be necessary. We haven’t decided for sure what we are going to do, but if you’re also thinking about the possibility, put your mind at ease that you aren’t the only one.

When it comes times to purchase a mobile device, or get something for your child there seems to be so many options. What type of mobile device will you purchase? Something like the iPhone 6s or something much more basic.. What will be allowed, what exactly do you want the phone to be used for? It makes my head spin, but in a recent study U.S. Cellular said that the average age of a child getting their own cellphone was 11 and like what we’ve been discussing the primary reason is safety. So companies, like U.S. Cellular understand what you’re going through and want to be of help.

If you’re getting ready to introduce a mobile device to your child – to be responsible of and use on a regular basis, remember it doesn’t have to be a headache. It can really help with responsibility and help children learn about rules of cellphone use (see parent child agreement above.)

I’d recommend putting together a list of what you do and do not want when it’s time to purchase. U.S. Cellular associates can be helpful in choosing just what is right, but have an idea put together of what you’re wanting the device to be used for and even check out availability online.  Remember as a child grows a lot of devices will help with homework assignments and keeping in touch with teachers and projects. Make sure you take time to set up your child’s phone to ensure they only have access to features and apps that are appropriate and inappropriate websites are blocked. Then sit down together and learn the phone together, keep the communication open and plan to have the best experience with your child taking that next big step towards adulthood.

What tips do you have when it comes to introducing a mobile device to your child as their own?

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