Serving the Perfect Dinner from Home Chef Meal Delivery

Have you heard about the meal delivery services that you can subscribe too and delicious meals are delivered right to your door-step? I’ve recently tried Home Chef Meal Delivery, based in Chicago and I was in awe with it all. How it works. . .

Basically the chefs design delicious meals, you go through a little question process of what kind of food you’re looking for (health conscious, gluten free, etc) and you can either pick your meals, or you let the chefs pick for you (from what “type of meals” you said, you wanted,) then they deliver it fresh, to your door step & you prepare. I filled out my questions and chose more of a healthy meal & it was delivered, packaged cold right to my door!
I received two meals & both said to prepare within 6-8 days and the first, which I’m excited to share is called Steak au Poivre with cauliflower gratin & green beans.

  1. In your box you’re going to find almost everything you need to create the meal they’ve delivered, along with instructions to create the meal. Above is the paper with the recipe, with nutrition information, time to prep & cook, how long you can wait to prepare the meal & more. On the side you’ll find what you need to grab from your own kitchen to make the meal and then on the back, you’ll find the detailed instructions to follow.
  2. They encourage you to read through it all, so you’re prepared. We followed each step and it came out exactly how they had said, with everything. My husband and I prepared together & it was so simple to follow the visual and worded instructions.
  3.  In my box for the Steak au Poivre with cauliflower gratin & green beans, I found the above. Meat, cauliflower, beans, butter, wine, chives, sour cream, cheese, condensed milk, sour cream, cracked peppercorn, and sauce packets.
  4. Following the instructions – we cooked steak in a pan for the first time, blanched green beans and prepared a rather sophisticated meal with ease!
  5. Everything turned out amazingly delicious & we were pretty skeptical. Fresh with great flavors and all we had to do was cook with minimal prep work. Home Chef decided what we were going to have (no meal planning) & delivered all the ingredients right to my door step!

We were very happy with Home Chef and I can only imagine how great it would be for a working couple. We did only received enough for two people, so not perfect for a family of seven, but regardless the set up and how the entire process worked and the food was definitely top notch. I would highly recommend them and if you’d like to try it for yourself you can receive $30 off your first order with coupon code FLIPFLOPS.

Have you ever tried a meal delivery service?

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