Spring Fashion: Brian James Footwear #Giveaway

I received complimentary sample for this style feature. BJaComfort shoes… you know, those shoes you grab when in a hurry that you know are comfortable and will always look great? My husband refers to them as my “slippers” because he knows how comfy they are for me… and they’re the ballet flats from Brian James. I have them in a few different colors and every pair have been equally as butterfly soft on my feet as the last. If you’re new to Brian James they’re from the founder of the popular children’s shoe company Pediped. They carry a variety of footwear from women, like flats, sandals, booties and wedges. LD0012_med

Today I’m sharing with you the Angie in Cognac which if you’re looking for an incredibly comfortable, soft, wear with anything pair of flats then I’d definitely recommend the Angie in the cognac color for sure.  They slip on with ease and will take you from the wee morning hours till late at night and they’ve never bothered my feet. I can’t say enough about just how comfortable they are. BrianJames

If you follow my fashion posts regularly it’s no doubt you’ve seen Brian James featured several times, especially now that we’re getting into the warmer weather months again. I’m styling the Angie in Cognac with a pair of Lee Skinny Jeans, Pink sheer top and scarf. Taking me from the park with the kids to a date night with my hubby! unnamed

Ready to shop sandals? I have only heard great things about the Brian James sandals and they are really cute. I’d love to get my hands on the Monique Nude & Noir leather sandal for dressy occasions. snakbr

I see new to the spring 2014 styles are their Angelique in Snake & Noir and Snake and Taupe leather… I can definitely see these on my feet! What pair from Brian James are you adoring? If you want to try before you buy, Brian James has a Try Before You Buy program, but I can almost guarantee once you put them on your feet you are going to want them all.  Check out Thrifty & Chic Mom, she’s styling a pair of cute flats from Brian James for our spring fashion event.

WIN! One Momma in Flip Flops reader will win a pair of Brian James Footwear. Enter through the form below.

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