Tips on Making your Visit at Magic Waters Waterpark the Best

MW HeroEarlier this week my family and I ventured to Magic Waters Waterpark for a little end of summer fun. School starts back soon & we had so much fun there last year, we wanted to go again. Last year we had a blast, but it was still difficult because we had a 1, 4, 6 and 8 year old so we took one of my sisters who was able to help us. We kept to Tiki Island and the baby pool section, while a couple of them got to try some of the slides. Everyone had a blast, but this year was much better. First the kids were that much older that we didn’t even go into the baby section, but enjoyed the wave pool as a family, Tiki Island where we felt comfortable letting the kids run around on their own and my husband and I took turns taking the three older ones on all the different slides. MW2

If someone were to ask me what my tips on making their visit at Magic Waters Waterpark the best… here’s what I’d have to say.

  • Check online for coupons and deals to help with your cost to get in. Now thru August you can get tickets online only for $13. I’d also tell you that toddlers are $5.
  • You can bring your own cooler of food and drink in. One per family, but perfect fine for snacks and water. You would need to kind of set up “camp” with your cooler. I thought it was pretty safe everywhere, but that is something to be aware of.
  • They do have rental areas and cabanas to check into if you want a large designated area for family, friends, relaxing, etc. There are several around Tiki Island and the Lazy River.
  • Lockers are $7 each with a $2 refund when you return the key.
  • They have Tube Rentals and Life Jackets. I’d recommend one for sure if you have younger children & especially if you plan to be in the wave pool very much. The wave pool was all three of my older kids favorite part of the park.
  • Wear appropriate bathing suit attire that won’t come off when enjoying the slides. Remember this is a family friendly environment!
  • Bring your flip flops or water shoes into the park and either keep them with your bag or in your locket. You’ll need them for the bathroom.MW 1

Besides the tips my family loved it all. Everyone enjoyed the lazy river and I think we all could have spent even more time in it. The kids had a blast in Tiki Island with lots of smaller/ yet still large slides to enjoy as well as water spouts, the large dumping bucket and water to have fun in.

MW4The slides were great and weren’t that long of a line, but the three oldest kid’s really loved these three racing slides. My husband and I felt comfortable letting them get in line alone and watch them from the bottom (these are right next to the baby pool – great if you need to use that and kids are going down the slides.) MW3Overall we had a blast at Magic Waters Waterpark and ended the day with the Typhoon Terror — in other words the Toilet Bowl. Haha! Visit Magic Waters Waterpark online for more information.

What’s your favorite Waterpark to visit?

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