Valentines Day Outfit Ideas

Hey lovelies!

Recently a friend reached out to me about her new adventure.. J Boutique. She has such cute taste in fashion, I knew there would be so many cute pieces to browse and want to snag up. I encourage you to check out her website and follow her social channels if you’re looking for a new boutique with a cute sense for fashion.

Lets talk about Valentine’s Day for a moment. Of course you don’t NEED a new outfit for an evening out, or even an evening in, but it is fun to grab something affordable, new & fashionable that you can wear for more than just the “one night.” That’s why I wanted to share this cute Valentine red plaid poncho, that you just so happy can snag from J Boutique.

This is a one-size fits most, I’d say it fits me well if not just a hair big. I’m 5’4″ and typically a size medium. You can check out all the details of it on her website. I mostly wanted to just share with you four different fun ways to style it, that would be great as a Valentine’s day outfit & for everyday for the rest of winter & into spring.


The striped shirt & over the knee boots was a favorite over on Instagram. A little dressier casual & even if you don’t have over the knee black boots or distressed jeans, a pair of tall black boots, black jeans, statement necklace and a striped shirt would easily complete this look.

Jeans | Poncho | Boots | Striped Shirt |


Much more casual, but I wanted to share just how easily a pair of jeans & varying colored striped shirts (this is mustard yellow) can look with this fun plaid print. Ankle boots, or any boots would look great.

JeansYellow Striped Shirt (similar)| Poncho | Boots |


For everyday casual this is my favorite look. A cream colored basic top, over the knee brown boots & a statement necklace. Adding the poncho for when you need that little bit of warmth!

Jeans (see above) | Shirt | Over the Knee Boots (similar) | Poncho | Necklace (similar)


This is my favorite look, especially if I’m thinking a cute Valentine’s day outfit. Black skinny jeans, black ankle boots, black long sleeved top, big earrings & this cute hat. I might have to wear this one for Church soon, as my husband will be traveling and we won’t be going out, but rather the kids & I will be having our own little Valentine’s Day party.

Jeans (see above) | Poncho | Black Floppy hat |

There you have four cute Valentine’s Day outfits that you can look & feel good in that can be worn alone OR with the fun valentine’s red plaid poncho.  Need a few Valentine’s Day Ideas.. this has always been a popular post I wrote for 10 Sweet & Sexy Valentine’s Day Ideas.

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