Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is being integrated into people’s daily lives more and more, where as a decade ago, wearable technology really wasn’t on most peoples radars. A a recent study conducted my U.S. Cellular, 1 in 3 consumers already own wearable technology & 40% off say they plan to purchase something within the next year. As the wearable technology becomes more affordable & fashionable, they expect it to become even more mainstream.

Wearable technology is everything from smart watches, smart clothing, & virtual headsets, and the products continue to grow as they become more popular and mainstream. For my family, wearable technology most comes into play when it comes to health & fitness. I use my iphone 7, 100% of the time while working out & running, depending on my reliable network for tracking distances, streaming music, capture photo’s &  engaging with those I’m meeting or need to get in touch with while out.

*A recent photo of my husband, daughter & I as a get ready to pace my sister for the last 15 miles of her 50 mile ultra marathon. I was dependent on my fitness tracker as well as my iPhone 7 to keep track of miles, time & my network for communicating with the crew team.*

I’ve been looking into new fitness trackers, and the Garmin Vivosmart 3 has caught my eye, as it helps track steps, distance, calories, sleep, and even stress levels. Many of these fitness trackers, can also sync right to your iphone 7 (or other mobile devices) for easily sharing on social media channels & varying apps that let you connect with others. Fitness trackers will continue to evolve, with biometric shirts and sensors being built into clothing and sports gear that will make the technology seem almost invisible. Crazy, huh?

Since I love to talk fashion, I can’t leave out the Smartwatch when it comes to wearable technology— For you fashion-conscious consumers who are looking for smartwatch options, the variety is there with smartwatch options available with stylish watch face shapes, including round and rectangular, as well as numerous strap options from premium metals to high-quality leather. In addition, new software interfaces allow users to customize their smartwatch even more.

Do you own/rely on any wearable technology?

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