What to Wear & NOT Wear at the Amusement Park

Amusement Park DOMonday my oldest son, a friend and my husband went to Six Flags Great America. It was a blast, my husband and I haven’t been in over ten years, but it was exactly what I remembered it to be. While you’re waiting in line for 60 plus minutes for nearly each ride you get on, you do a lot of people watching so I came up with a do’s and don’t list for what to wear & not wear to the amusement park. Amusement Park3

Do wear appropriate shoes. Sneakers or water like sneakers would be the most appropriate.

DO NOT wear heels or sandals. I saw a lot of sandals break and feet slipping around in them. Being on your feet all day you really need to be smart for your feet. There are a lot of cute little sneakers if you’re looking for the “cute”factor.

Do wear material that’s breathable and comfortable — not to mention (and this isn’t just for the amusement park) find material that fits your body. Some material is clingy and so ill flattering.

Do Not wear material that you can see through when it gets wet. Find a bra where your ladies are not going to fall out when you’re on the coasters, or just walking around for that matter. Or a dress/skirt (I know some that this is all they wear.. wear a garment underneath for modesty.)


Amusement Park Apparel


Do wear shorts that aren’t going to ride up,or make you feel as you have to constantly adjust them. Mesh shorts or a light fabric that dries quickly are ideal.

Do Not wear shorts that look like you’re wearing underwear (not to mention get your butt cheeks  BURNT when you sit down on a hot seat – I’d say this is for all the time). White shorts or khaki shorts get extremely dirty, any light colored materials for the one reason of them looking filthy in two seconds.

Do wear: if you’re a jewelry girl — stud earrings or a small dainty necklace if need be.

Do not wear dangle earrings or statement necklaces.


amuasement blessed

I admit I was a little worried on what I should wear when we went. It was hot and I knew I wanted something I would be comfortable in. I opted for my favorite distressed denim cut-off shorts that are always extremely comfortable on me & one of my favorite new tank tops the Blessed Mama camo tank top from That Chic Mom’s tees on Etsy. Grabbed my most comfortable sneakers and a pair of stud earrings & I admit this outfit was perfect all day. No fidgeting and I was comfortable. Amusement Park2

After the day my husband and I decided — your a minority if you do not have a tattoo our age or younger, converse sneakers are the shoe of choice and graphic tee’s and tanks are overall the apparel most people choose to wear! What would you wear to the Amusement park?

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