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Hey lovelies. Thank you for stopping by today! I know I’ve been posting a less frequently, but I’ve been busy over on Insta-stories, Instagram & Facebook, so if you’re missing my face (that doesn’t sound very humble) I’d love for you to catch more of the daily action over that way. I’m back at posting regular fitness posts & as always, my daily outfits for your shopping pleasure & outfit inspiration. This super easy, fun Suede-Accent Sweater top/outfit got your attention and I’m happy to share here. This top is available at Pink Blush in a fun cream & blue, but the olive is sold out (as I suspected it would be & mentioned over on Instagram.) It’s the perfect longer sweater for skinny jeans or leggings & if you’re a lover of pockets, then this is for you.

Oh and I don’t dare forget the adorable elbow patches which set it apart from many other sweaters these days. Wear it alone or since it’s not a big chunky sweater, it’s great as a layering piece, especially for those warmer fall days.

For details on the other pieces you can follow the links –> BOOTS | VEST Old Navy (simlar) | JEANS

I’ve been finding that life as a family of seven is getting busier – in a good way & yes I could most definitely do some weeding to make room for more fruitful things, for the most part all is good. Lets do a run down of what’s new.

5. I’ve continued on my healthy lifestyle, falling off the wagon for a week or so, but for the most part been doing great. I’m back to my post-partum weight, continue to run/work regularly & overall it’s giving me more energy. I have been thinking about doing some sort of cleanse though, but not sure.A fit & fabulous post coming soon!

4. I’m focusing less on the blog & more on social media channels. I personally think on those day to day things, I can engage and interact with you readers more.

3. I recently did a HUGE purge of my closet & it feels great. I could probably, in all honesty, do another. It’s been freeing and easier to get dressed in something new each day. It’s also been exciting to get back into clothes that haven’t fit for a few years due to pregnancy.

2. I’m finding more time to get involved with activities at Church now that the baby girl is nearing 15 months. She doesn’t need me quite 24/7, so it’s been freeing to be able to commit to other things. I recently just put together the cutest little Mass totes to help entertain children during that sometimes super long hour, when you’re pew is full of little ones.

1.Winter seems to be settling in here in the Midwest, I’m not even close to being excited about that. I’ve started Christmas shopping already and my husband and I have started discussing Advent activities to help draw our family closer to Christ during this season.

What have you been up to these days?

Sample provided, all opinions are my own.

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