White Dresses & How I Wore Them Over the Years

Ladies, white dresses in summer may be my absolute favorite! They’re feminine, soft, edgy if you want them to be, summer polished and they’re made for the warm sunny weather. Over the last three years I’ve shared different white dresses and today I wanted to pull them together, so you realize why you need to add white dresses into your wardrobe.

This J.Jill embroidered mixed media white shirt dress is where it’s at for me currently for spring white dresses. It’s mixed media in that the back and sleeves are a soft white cotton and the front is made of linen with this beautiful embroidery along the bottom. The mixed media fabric makes it comfortable for all day, everyday and the embroidered bottom makes it stand out among others & really ups the feminine vibe. The 3/4 length sleeves make for cooler days in the spring & fall, but can easily be rolled up as the warmer weather strikes. This is ideal for air conditioned places, so it’s really lovely for spring and summer.

I can’t get enough of this white dresses with pops of color, today I’m mixing it up with this distressed, burnt out green jacket and a pair of sandals. You’ll be seeing this on repeat for me because I can breastfeed in it with the button down.You can snag this pretty from J.Jill, in either the white as featured or in a deep blue, in sizes petite, misses or women. I’m wearing a size small for your reference.

If you have kids and you’re thinking “no way” to the white dresses let me be the first to say I have five kids and honestly, if anyone is getting my white dresses dirty, it’s ME! Don’t let that stop you from adding one or two into your wardrobe this season. Will you be adding white dresses to your wardrobe?

For more white dresses check out How to Wear a White Maxi Dress, the eyelet white dress outfit & this detailed white dress with pockets.

Sample provided, all opinions are my own.

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