What They Wore: Jill Yoga Active Wear

I love to talk women’s fashion, but being a momma of five means that clothing the entire family is part of my job. My oldest daughter is ten and she’s all about active wear when we’re lounging about at home, especially after she comes home from wearing a uniform all day at school. Active wear is one of her daily go-to’s, but she wants cute pieces and that’s where Jill Yoga active wear came into play.

I let her browse through the website, seeing if what they carry is appealing to her and next thing I know, I had about 50 tabs opened and she wanted “needed” everything opened. Unfortunately for her, she had to narrow it down to a couple of pieces, and those happened to be the Girls Stretch Pullover and Joggers.

Both pieces are cotton, fit true to size and very comfortable. The pullover is her favorite hoodie currently and she wears it whenever it’s clean. The crew neckline is her favorite and makes it stand out from other pullover hoodies.

If you’re not familiar with Jill Yoga, they carry a huge selection of girls and women’s pieces. They’re based out of Canada and a successful addition to the Jack & Jill line many of you might be familiar with. Visit their website for a fun selection.

Sample provided, all opinions are my own.

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