When You’re Not a Pinterest Mom – Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids

Lets just start this out by saying I love those meme’s that say ” I’m not a Pinterest Mom, More like an Amazon Prime Mom ” because that totally resonates with me. I don’t like crafts and lately I’m pretty much last minuting everything. So, if you’re anything like me, and you’re not a pinterest mom, but still want cute valentine’s day cards for kids, then it’s time to visit Minted, where you can have super cute valentine’s day cards without all the crafting.

A couple of weeks ago I shared with you unique valentines for kids from Minted & now today, I want to share with you what my children will be handing out for their school valentine’s day exchanges & bonus it required minimal work on my part. I think it’s awesome with parents make totally awesome valentine’s day cards for kids, but that’s just not happening for us, at this stage in our family. Maybe someday, as we’re always changing, but currently I love that I can find super cute unique valentine’s day cards for kids, that my kids like & are fun. Minted  has been our go-to for the last couple of years, always finding something that appeals to all the kids & they’re personalized, making them even more fun. 

Each of my grade school children chose what valentine’s day cards for kids they wanted this year & two of them even got personalized stickers that matched their valentine’s day cards. There’s quite the selection, but all my kids went with a flat card with matching envelopes.

We have valentine’s day cards for kids from the sports section, with the gold medal that is a pressed foil as well is the hedgehugs from the animal section. Both can be customized with different colors and personalized with who it’s from and you can even plug in who it’s for. We left that blank and the kids have had fun filling in their classmates names. We also have one from the fun & games, a cute word search & the fast & furious with a bulldozer.

You can snag any and all of these valentine’s day cards for kids, that come with envelopes from Minted. If you’re not a pinterest mom, but still want unique valentine’s day cards for your kids then these are for you. Enjoy & we hope you have a relaxed valentine’s day.

Samples provided & affiliate links used, all opinions are my own.

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